I spy with my little eye... Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection.

Cartier is presenting a new collection named Paris Nouvelle Vague. I worked a little bit with Cartier in Paris and I think I spotted more Trinity rings during these few months than I will ever do for the rest of my life. As much as I love the idea of a classical piece, I am proud I resisted the three golds sirens (my life is tough indeed...). Obviously, inevitably, everytime I hear Cartier, I think Trinity or Love. Therefore I was more than happy to receive Cartier's invite to the preview of their new collection! Something new!
Something new and something I liked. A lot. The collection comprises 7 different inspirations that represent 7 different parisian women and 7 different neighborhoods in Paris. I can easily realte to that: depending of where you are in Paris, you find yourself moving differently, having different discussions, going through different moods. If you look at my categories ("pick a cookie"), I tend to feel different in each city or country: "chic in Dubai", "classy in Paris", "vintage in London"... I guess Cartier and I have more in common that I thought. So here are Cartier's moods: "Mischievous in the Tuileries", "Voluptuous at Opera", "Impish in the Luxembourg Park", "Emancipated in Trocadero", "Sparkling at the Moulin Rouge", "Delicate in a Paris street", "Glamourous at the Seine bank". 
7 moods, 7 neighborhood, 7 inspirations, 7 styles.

More information on the collection here.

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