I spy with my little eye... The Great Gatsby the Movie.

Thank you to Tiffany for inviting me to The Great Gatsby Premiere. You've all seen the trailer, read the book, maybe even seen the Farrow/Redford 70's version so I'm not going to talk about the story, just my take on the Lurhmann's version. I loved the Art Deco aesthetics, how could I not. Easy to say, yet true. The costumes are fantastic, the jewerelly is amazing, the soundtrack is a mix of old and contemporay songs, but I'm sure you all know it by heart already. So I have 2 things to declare:
1- It is well played. I loved the sensitivity Mulligan brought to Daisy, and I was surprised Di Caprio could make me laugh.
2- The production had too much of a comics vibe for me. Too many slow motions and close-ups, it gave the story a bit of a teenage edge that wasn't necessary I thought because the way it was played and the choice of young looking actors already gave it the force and passion of first loves. I always thought of The Great Gatsby like an adult, kind of second life, novel.
Just like Coppola's Marie-Antoinette, Lurhmann's Great Gatsby is a visual masterpiece I will enjoy anytime, as a painting.

More about the movie here.


  1. Lucky, sounds awesome ;)

  2. I thought mulligan is not pretty enough for this role although she is a good actress :)

  3. @ Meagan & Lauren: it was great fun, indeed. Lucky me.
    @ Amna: I love Carey Mulligan, I thought her fragility suited Daisy.


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