I spy with my little eye... Fashion Forward, the Shows - Part 1.

It's been a week since the colours of Fashion Forward flew over our desert, and I am still enjoying the feeling of a Fashion Week, so now that my Louboutins are back in the closet instead of strolling all over the Madinat, let's get on with the important things: the shows. Obviously I cannot say anything about the shows I haven't seen (common sense is the new black), and will remind readers that views are my own. 

Essa's collection wasn't really down my alley but I appreciated the futuristic architecture of the pieces.

Amira Haroon's line didn't catch my attention for this time, despite the work she did on lace:

I did like Emperor 1688 preppy ensembles. It was classic and well fitted, not such an easy thing (says the woman who's been looking for a col claudine white long sleeve shirt for 6 months...):

I did like Rami Kadi's pastel palette and bubbly work on his fabrics. There was a lot of detailing on these dresses and they seemed effortless, definitively someone I want to follow.

I did like Kage's parisian vibe. The colour trilogy as I like to call it: black, white and beige, try as you might, you can't go wrong with these three, loose cuts, sarouels and shorts skirts with a laid-back pony-tail:

To be continued...

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