I spy with my little eye... a Colour Crush.

I usually choose the colours for my nails according to my mood, I don't pay attention to trends or collections, I just go with the flow. The fact that I do my manicure myself doesn't really help me following trends anyway, but I did fall in love with Bourjois's collection "Rendez Vous a Paris", all of it. The brand will always remind me of my first blushes, I can't forget their iconic round box and I love their story, did you know that in 1863, the brand was creating make-up for actors and stage performers? 
Getting back to "Rendez Vous a Paris", here is what I liked: first of all, the formula is easy to apply, not too runny. Second, it is resistant. I hate chipping nail polishes, doesn't look neat, and I don't want to spend an hour painting my nails every time I cook. Third, the colours are perfect for summer: pastel but punchy, bright but discreet, fresh but not fluo, love them. Fourth, the trendy names; they are poetic but still colour names (Adora-bleu, Amande Defile, Coton sur Ton, Oh so Rose, Peach and Love, Prepp'hibiscus, Taupe Modele).
My two favourites would be: Amande Defile and Coton sur Ton.

More information on Bourjois here.


  1. Awesome !
    It would fit perfectly : I could make my toes look like fabulous by using one on each toe... rainbow toes for very smooth feet ;)

  2. It's my favorite! :)


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