I spy with my little eye... the Cure.

I keep on bumping into the Cure team but I never really had the occasion to visit them in Media City. I am usually not a spa bunny: I do my nails myself and I am convinced that all you need is, well, love, yes, but you might want to add a moisturizer to your daily dose of love, just an idea. Other than love and body lotion, I am really bad at exfoliating, massaging, peeling and all those other things ending up with "ing" that you can do to your skin. That being said, the team was always so lovely I thought I would pay them a visit. So I booked myself for a "full body scrub". I was quite surprised by how small the place was when I arrived but then I remembered it was more of a salon rather than a spa, plus a interior design makes it quite a cosy space. I did like the headphones to listen to tv while getting a mani-pedi. It might sound like something pretty normal but in Dubai, reading on fashion tv presenter's lips happens more often than you would expect, so thank you The Cure for your common sense.
Now getting to the full body scrub... well it was more than effective. From my neck to my toes, no part of my body was forgotten. It was energetic and efficient, the lady made sure I wouldn't leave the place with a millimetre of dead skin. I will definitively recommend it, although safety is not guaranteed: I did ask her to be a little bit more gentle at some point. An efficient, straight to the point salon. I like it.

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