I spy with my little eye... a new French Cafe.

It's official, Comptoir 102's cafe opened on Beach Road! Why did it take me so long to visit that place? It is officially my favourite store in town. Let me explain: the place is owned by 2 tasteful french women: Alexandra de Montaudouin and Emma Sawko who decided to open a concept store "a la francaise". The idea is to bring french aesthetics to Dubai through interior design, art, jewellery, clothes, accessories, and now food. Alexandra and Emma work with a lot of different designers and artists to create a dynamic ambiance in their shop: the items are not just displayed, they tell a story, it feels like home and the collection changes quite often so it is worth passing by on a regular basis, which won't be too much of a problem now that their macrobiotic cafe is officially open. Comptoir 102 now offers a terrace and an indoor space where you can grab a coffee and an organic, gluten and fat free snack designed by Chris Clark, Head Chef, nutritionist and macrobiotic expert. 
I love the cosy vibe of the place, the smile and the taste of the lovely owners and the fact that they brought a little bit of France in Dubai. Follow my advice and JUST GO!

For more information visit their lovely website here.

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  1. Been waiting for your blog on this Cherie! Love it xx


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