I spy with my little eye... la Dolce Vita in the South of France.

Last post about our holidays in France: after the wedding in Normandie, we drove (let me rephrase that: the Gentleman drove and I tried to tame the GPS) for 10 hours to reach Albi in the South, where we have a family house. Life in Albi is pretty simple: pool, wineries, beautiful middle age city, rides through the countryside, lots of flea markets and cheese. 

Lil'bro was there as well, smoking, playing the piano and discussing the future of our world instead of writing his thesis. It doesn't get any more french than that to be honest... "Easy, I'm enjoying, smoking my glass of wine".

The one reason I miss France is for all of the vintage markets. If I hadn't refrained myself, I would have bought enough stuff to furnish a whole mansion.

Hats make me happy!

 1940's skin treatment, anyone tempted?

 Look at that wooden horse!

Posters, chairs, you name it, they have it!

I was very very close to buying this Art Deco "coiffeuse" (make up table).

Eventually we did something else than shopping and eating (it was difficult though). We visited beautiful Cordes sur Ciel. It's difficult to believe that people actually live in that doll little village in the middle of the sky (as stated in the name of the village itself).

I absolutely wanted to visit a little thriftshop just outside of Albi. Last year I had discovered the place and the guy owning it by chance and the space was so incredible I didn't want to miss it! Au Chien Vert has no website, no facebook page, no twitter, it's owner sometimes even forgets to put out the sign on the road to indicate that he is open (which is exactly what happened to us: I literally had to go knock on the door to find him working on a 1970's car "oh yeah, I forgot to put the sign"), it's like he doesn't want you to find him. But once you do, it is a whirlwind of vintage! His warehouse is absolutely packed with stuff (there is no other way to describe it) he collected from deceased people or bought at auctions.

After that overdose of vintage which I really really needed, we obviously headed back to the sandpit, full of inspiration and new finds! 

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