I spy with my little eye... a rainy wedding in Normandie.

After a busy week in Paris, we headed to Normandie to marry off D. and S. I've known D. for 15 years, and I clearly remember the first time he told me about this girl he had met at uni and how he couldn't figure out whether or not he had his chances with her. It was the time of our sleepless nights, 6am walks in the countryside, stopping at the bakery for some warm croissants, and breakfasts on the beach, before going to bed at 8am, only to do it all over again the day after... All these memories were witnessed and allowed by C's mother who used to host us, and very kindly offered for us to stay at hers for the wedding. Oh how I love these beds under the roof of that little house in Blonville-sur-Mer. Thank you T. for allowing us to wake you up in the middle of the night, once more. I promise we really try to be quiet every time!

According to Normandie's  tradition, we arrived under a rainy sky. In France we have a saying that can be understood in 2 different ways: "the later you get married, the merrier", or "the rainier the wedding, the merrier". Surprisingly, the 2nd version is the most popular.That being said, Normandie is such a pretty region, it's easy to forget the rain. How cute is this townhall (that conveniently is a cinema too, see the sign on the right hand)?

The funny thing about Normandie is that, a little bit like England, you can have the 4 seasons in a day. Luckily for us, the evening was as sunny as the afternoon had been rainy! So we discovered the Champs Delaunay under a perfect light! The bride and groom had put a lot of effort in the decoration. It was gorgeous.

After the ecumenical ceremony, we all enjoyed the garden and champagne, perfect opportunity to catch up!
As you can see, the flamingos on my Alice + Olivia skirt were very happy to run free.

Happy Shiny people.

And then the dinner... I must admit, I had never eaten that well at a wedding, so a big Merci to D. and S. for organising such a beautiful day. And a big thank you to T. for hosting us. There are no pictures of the evening for the simple reason that we had to leave fast after dinner for a 10h drive the day after, all the way to Albi, in the South of France, stay tuned!

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