I spy with my little eye... Oh Mamie, Mamie Blue.

Vintage shops and flea markets are what I miss the most in Dubai. So when in Paris... you literally have to pull me out of them!

Starting with my favourite shop of all times: Mamie! There are actually 2 sister shops: I love the joyful mess at Mamie, I never found any piece of clothing there but they always have great accessories, and Mamie Blue is my go-to place for hats! These places are often visited by theatre and cinema professionals. I love the ambiance as much as the owners who are the essence of parisians: moody, big mouth, loud, joyful, and I am still trying to figure out how the hell they keep track of their stocks...

Alice in Wonderland...

I can spend hours trying on hats at Mamie Blue, and if I have any doubt on how to wear them, I usually ask the owner. This day she actually decided to do my hair...

Sometimes it works out better than others:

But it is definitively my happy place!

And the answer is yes, I did find an other, actually 2 other hats: 40's and 50's!

For more information on Mamie and Mamie Blue, click here.


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