I spy with my little eye... a merry day in Montmartre.

One of the reasons of my trip to Paris was to attend two friends weddings. I've known them since we were teenagers and they decided to get married in Paris one week apart from each other, how convenient for the expat that I am!
On my first parisian Saturday, the weather was absolutely sunny, the city was calm, it was the perfect day to head to Montmartre and marry T. off. He is french, she is romanian, they met and live in China, and they said yes in the most romantic part of Paris.

So we put our nicest outfits on... Vintage dress and bag, Miu Miu sunglasses and Bourjois matte lipstick!

 and headed to the 18th district townhall.

Where we waited for a solid hour. It seems to be a tradition in France, even townhall is late. I can't complain since it was a great opportunity to catch up with everybody and to meet the bride!
The Gentleman was happy to document the event with his camera as while we patiently waited in the corridors of the french administration.

The bride's clear and loud "Yes!" was definitively the highlight of the day!
After officiallising T. and M.'s international relationship, M., C., the Gentleman and I headed to the heights of Montmartre for an Art deco lunch at La Mascotte. Oysters and fish on the menu with a sunny glass of white wine, that's my kind of day.

Lil'sis' joined the fun for lunch and stayed for a little walk in this neighbourhood where we both lived.

Ice cream stop was definitively required and mandatory! Happy happy gal'!

Our little wander took us to the 43 up Rooftop where M. had booked a table. Amazing view!

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