I spy with my little eye... Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour pitchouns! I have been in France for a week now, running up and down Paris for a wedding, thriftshopping, catching up with friends, family and mostly eating and drinking wine (life is a question of priorities). As children, my sister, cousin and I use to love play dress up with my aunts clothes. The family flat in Paris was an Ali Baba cave where we would find all sorts of treasures, heaven for 3 little girls who were rather "coquettes". This probably explains how I ended up working in fashion, my sister and cousin in cosmetics.

Catching up with my sister, all we needed was a glass of champagne (graciously offered by my father) to start reminiscing...

Amongst Paris treasures, my mother found my great-grand-parents wedding invite. Such a lovely and priceless surprise!

Champagne and family reunions often come with pastries that my father loves to go and buy for the Sunday lunch. I have to admit I love this ritual. This is what my first day in Paris looked like.

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