I spy with my little eye... excuse my French.

By the time you read that I will be... in PARIS! It's holiday time pitchouns! It's wine and cheese-Montmartre-champagne-brasseries-vintage time! And Paris comes with french speaking, that beautifully complicated thing. Since french was my first language, I never realised how difficult to grasp my language is: all these letter that we write but don't pronounce, the innumerable ways to write the same sound (o, eau, au, eaux, oh... all of that is pronounced "o"), the way we pronounce our "r", and our famous "vous" vs "tu". That last bit was the object of a hilarious chart by the LA Times.
I absolutely loved they detailed and exhaustive multi-choice chart they draw, including situations like "are you speaking with a child? Is the child like a prince or something?", they definitively covered all possibilities, which is an achievement in itself. I loved it so much the gentleman actually printed and framed it! So this is my first french picture: grammar!
To see have a look at the detailed chart, click here.

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