I spy with my little eye... the Shiftette Natalie Morrison.

I haven't done interviews lately but I have to introduce you to Natalie! She is one of those focused women you can't tire. She doesn't stops until she got where she had decided to go and it is with the same determination that she switched from a law career to a retail one, creating Shift. Shift is a second-hand concept based online and on pop-up events. The motto? "Release, redefine, and radiate": like a lot of young successful women in Dubai, Natalie's wardrobe was getting more and more packed by the day, so she decided to do something about it. Shift allows you to lighten your hangers and gain space while giving you the opportunity to find that little black dress you were looking for: everytime you give an item away, you are rewarded by a system of points that allows you to shop. Perfect if you are a thriftshopping addict like me or you missed that little skirt last season, or just want to shop for free! I love the concept and I love the woman behind it: she is sharp, funny, full of ideas, and she is the perfect companion when I feel sarcastic!
So if your closets are a little too full or you have a sustainable fashion mindset, have a look at  Shift, and read on to learn more about Nat. 

1- If you could live in a painting, which one would it be?
I would love to inhabit a colourful and vibrant world like in a Miro painting.  Quirky and playful, yet with solid forms and shapes to provide context and boundaries.

2- If you could live in a different era, which one would you pick and why?
A combination of La Belle Epoque period and the 60s, both of which were periods of freedom and creativity, culturally, economically and in the arts/fashion world.

3- What piece of clothing reminds you of your mother/father?
Sunglasses and red lipstick, my mother's trademark.  She will always wear shades, whatever the weather and wakes up will full red lips.

4- What scent takes you right back to your childhood?
Cut grass, reminds me of sports fields and training for events like cross country, as well as playing in the fields near to where my grandparents lived outside of London.

5- When do you feel on holiday?
If I can hear the sea or have a good book I feel relaxed as if on holiday.

6- What designer would you take on a camel ride?
The British designer, Vivienne Westwood, her collections have told a story about British life, society and style.  I am sure she would have lots of entertaining stories about punk, culture, celebrities and much more.

7- Your favourite recipe to make?
That's a tough one, I love fish, so probably something simple like steamed fish with lots of great seasoning and herbs, with a salad. I prefer not to spend hours in the kitchen, unless I'm cooking for friends.

8- Best piece of advice you were ever given?
The only constant thing in life is change, thanks to my granddad.

9- What book changed your life?
As  a child I used to read John Grisham, it certainly sparked my interest in the legal world.

10- The movie you've watched 30 times but might watch again tonight?
I actually really can't watch a movie more than once or twice, I hate remembering the end. I can watch Westside story on repeat though. I used to love dancing around the house after watching musicals and watched them continually to annoy my younger brother.

11- Three favourite spots in Dubai?

Bab Al Shams for relaxation, La Petite Maison for dining and Safa Park for a walk and greenery.

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