I spy with my little eye... a French apple pie.

Last week I decided to make an apple pie, the easiest recipe on Earth.
Puff pastry being quite difficult to make, I usually just buy it. Make sure to butter your tin before you lay your pastry and don't forget to prick it with a fork.
Preheat your oven 180°C.
Then pick 2 or 3 red apples (pink ladies or golden), cut thin slices, 2-3 mm thick, and place them in your tin making sure they overlay each other.
Then just put your tin in the over for 40min. Your apples will cook and dry at the same time but that's ok. When the pastry is slightly golden, take the tin out of the oven.
Then in a small pan, heat a table spoon of apricot jam until it melts and gets liquid. Slowly brush your apple tart with the jam to give it a little bit of colour, shine and sugar.

 ... and yes, sometimes I have a vodka martini with my baking...


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