I spy with my little eye... lunch at Riche.

I am not finished yet with Sweden, I want to share a few other good tips: I couldn't pass by Stockholm without stopping for a lunch at Riche. Founded in 1893, this simple Brasserie has become an institution through the years. The elegant French interior design, simple menu and perfect location on the bank attracts people from all horizons, you will bump into the local celebrity, the family gathering for a birthday, the girlfriends catching up, the business man, I loved that simple mix. What a refreshing change from Dubai!

I didn't spend too much time on the menu: the choice was easy; when in Stockholm, you gotta have meatballs! And let me tell you that between the chilly weather and the 2h morning walk, I devoured them. 

Swedish design will always amaze me, look at that window decorated with local supermarkets logos. Who would have thought it could look this good? Pretty cool huh?

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