I spy with my little eye... our Vintage Market.

Back in Dubai, where vintage aficionados gathered yesterday at Make Business Hub for a Conversation on Vintage. Led by Rawya Catto, the event was meant to open the discussion about vintage, retro, the trends, the leading cities and assess where Dubai stands in that global context. We all know that Dubai is really not the capital of retro but it is an international hub, therefore like, everywhere, the interest is present to a certain extend, and this is why she invited me and my pincurls: to represent! The idea was to gather people with a common interest in all things retro, so Merci to the ones who came and shared their stories. 

That's one of my favourite things about vintage: I love the aesthetics, I love the fact that it's eco-friendly, sustainable, most of the time affordable, but most of all, it's full of stories. Every hat, piece of jewellery, book, piece of china, dress, even fabric sometimes, carries the memory of a grandmother, a grand uncle, or that moment when you found it under a big pile of junk, like a hidden treasure.

I'm a sucker for stories, history, and good surprises, so I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the next event and more thriftshopping through Rawya's vintage suitcases. She has been sourcing and flying back from Paris with retro items, so I will keep you posted and let you know when she organises her next pop up sale, you can also reach her directly at: rawyaroumieh@gmail.com

In vintage we trust!

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