I spy with my little eye... vintage shopping in Stockholm.

I obviously couldn't pass by Stockholm without looking for the vintage shops. Good news is I didn't have to look too much since one of my favourite bloggers Elsa Billgren wrote a vintage Stockholm guide listing all the relevant shops a few years ago (click here for those interested)! I have to admit: it looked much easier on the map then in the streets. All the shops seemed to be in the same area but I wouldn't have been able to find them without the Gentleman and googlemap. I didn't expect such a spread out city: in Paris if you just walk around, you will stumble across cute little shops and cafes; in Stockholm, if you just wander, you are more likely to miss the interesting places. If felt like lots of restaurants or shops were hidden. I am not good at studying maps and guides, I am more of a wanderer and it usually works but I felt like Stockholm was a little bit more reserved than the Mediterranean cities I am used to.

Thanks to the Gentleman, we did find a few vintage shops which allowed me to spend a couple of hours doing what I do best: thriftshopping! I was very curious about the vintage culture in Sweden and I will definitively have to go back for more. We focused mostly on clothes this time, and I was lucky enough to find 2 dresses that are currently being altered at the tailor here in Dubai. Most dresses are too big for me or need to get the zipper changed but that usually doesn't stop me: too big is always fixable! 

In this Beyond Retro heaven, I would have loved to find hats, but I have come to notice that accessories were not their forte, hence I will have to come back for more. As you can see, I was very focused, there was no way I was leaving Sweden without a vintage treasure: Dubai is a desert is many ways and retro is one of them... Stay tuned for pictures of my 2 new vintage treasures: a rainbow and a cocktail dress!

Oh, and yes, it was freezing, hence the winter coat and Igg boots. It actually started pourring in the acfternoon which is why we had to stop the vintage hunt and find a shelter... and an Irish coffee! Not a bad alternative!

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