I spy with my little eye... Hong Kong Diaries - Part 3!

Last Hong Kong post! This is the one where we take the ferry and cross the bay to get on to mainland. It seemed like a pretty straightforward deal: get to harbour, get on a boat, get on the other side of the bay. Except that there are 5 or 6 different boat companies, and that nobody seemed willing to answer our questions. It took a solid half an hour and a couple of helpful Americans to finally understand that Star Ferry was the only one going back and forth without going around all islands. That is the one wisdom word I want to pass on: Star Ferry is the way to mainland. 
The view from the other side of the bay is fantastic and the city has a different vibe, I found it much more modern with skyscrapers and big avenues (as opposed to tiny paved and steep streets). 

We walked around Prince Edward station, I wanted to have a look at the markets, starting with the flower market. The colours, the happy people shopping, the kitsch arrangements, I loved everything about it.

Right at the end of the flower market, we found the bird market. I always have mixed feelings about animal markets: I find it sad to see all those birds in cages, at the same time, I have amazing memories of playing with my grandfather's parrots in Nigeria. One day maybe I will make up my mind, but for now, I choose to remain perplexed...

After this long walk, we took the metro under the water to get back to the island and get back to Central Hong Kong, around Hollywood Road. We found ourselves in Upper Lascar Row, surrounded by antics. Some of them real, some of them fake, but all good fun!

Finally we sat down at Fish & Meat for one of the best dinners I had in Hong Kong! The team and caring, the food was tasty and simple (and generous!). This burrata was fantastic and I can't even start with the pavlova! Thank you to the chef for signing our menu and sharing the love!

The lessons of this last day in Hong Kong:
1- I admire Hong Kongers discipline: I had never seen people queue to get into the metro.There are lines on the platform. I'm impressed by the fact that despite the city being over-crowded, I didn't feel claustrophobic. 
2- Hong Kong island and mainland are very different, it felt like different cities.
3- Don't stop walking. We thought we had seen all of Hollywood road until we let the streets guide us to Upper Lascar Row where we realised we had missed plenty of vintage treasures. 

Thank you Hong Kong for a great time!

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