I have a confession to make: the independent traveler Lady that I am is missing one important thing... her driving licence. So I have decided it was time to get rid of the problem by taking it in the middle of the desert, in Dubai! So far it has been a daily delight: I am, as expected, the only european Lady registered at my Al Quoz Driving School, and furthermore the only woman willing to take the Manual Driving Licence. Just to give you an idea: the lovely Sasha at the reception bet I would change my mind and switch to the Automatic Driving Licence after a few lessons.
The theory lessons have been, well surprising: I now know that "Bad behaviour is bad", that one should not drive when angry and I am still looking for the "Lesson on page 180", because my book ends on page 172... but the team is really nice and smiley, nothing compared to the french driving teacher who used to begin his lesson at 8am with "Let's go knock down cats!". 
To be continued...

Little update: I took the theory test this morning (in a "women only" room, of course), and passed! I can now begin the actual driving lessons, which I had to sign a discharge for, confirming I had no objection to taking them with a male instructor. Why? Because most of the instructors for manual driving are men of course! So much fun to come!

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