Unbelievable but true: there is wild life in Dubai. Since I've moved in the new flat, I've kept my bikes on the balcony and I came home one day to find a Bird nesting in the basket of one of the bikes. Three weeks later there was a Baby Bird on my balcony. I watched it grow, being fed, opening up its wings and finally fly away. It was kind of sad coming back and finding the basket empty. 
You will easily imagine my surprise when the morning after Baby Bird flew away, I found an other Bird nesting in the same basket. This time I had two Baby Birds, that, again, I watched grow and fly away.
... Came back the morning after to find a third couple nesting. It's not a balcony I have, it's a nursery! I am not joking, so far I've had five Baby Birds. I don't know how that happened but it is pretty sweet.

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