A kind of vintage place in Dubai (exciting!), I discovered this week the JW's Steackhouse at the Marriott Hotel in Deira. This hotel is probably one of the oldest in Dubai, located in a dusty, non glamorous area, getting there is a commitment, but the JW's Steackhouse is definitively worth it: wood everywhere, cosy lights, leather sofas, pure Britishness! The service is very smiley and efficient, the Meat is tender as butter, few condiments (no garlic in the mushrooms, please!), just good products, exactly what I like. Their special Steack involves Foie Gras, and that is as decadent as inevitable. I loved the ambiance, ate much more than I should have (I am not kidding you, I ate more than the Gentleman sitting at my table), and drank good Wine and Port. I highly recommend it and will definitively be back!

Here is an other nice touch: if you eat there more than 24 times in 6 months, you get you name engraved on a golden sign and diplayed on the table. Again, details are not just details and good service is half of the experience.

 The Special: Foie Gras on top of a Steack.

To learn more about JW's Steackhouse, click here.

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