Girly Dinner at Royal China, what a brilliant idea!
I hadn't been before and it might become one of my favourites: it is perfect for light Dinners! The service was nice, the ambiance was quite calm, probably because of Ramadan, lately all of Dubai has been calm... The interior design was simple and I liked it, not over the top, not crowded, it is a restaurant, you go there for the Food, not to look at the walls. Cocktails are fresh and full of Fruits (and vodka...), the Manager is smiley, and the Food is delicate. Ordering was a little bit challenging as they decided to do 2 separate menus, one for the regular Chinese Dishes, one for the Dim Sum, so it takes a while to read everything and understand exactly how the assortments work. I will be honest and confess I didn't fight, I gave in to my half Lebanese side's  fatalism and sense of adventure: "Whatever, just bring an assortment, anything that's good for you will be good for me". That's when having Friends who are addicted to Dim Sum becomes a real asset, a big Thank You to K. and M. for balancing the complexity of the menus with their accurate sense of Style and Taste. I highly recommand the crispy spicy Turnip and the marshmallowy Tofu, perfect appetizers. The Dim Sum are not overcreative, quite classical but again, simplicity is a good and rare thing in Dubai. It's light, and tasty, perfect for a Dinner with my Ladies.
Cocktails, Hairdressers, Hong Kong, Men... and Dim Sum, thank you for the brilliant initiative M.!

Royal China
Entrance 4 - Level 2
Tel: +971 4 354 55 43
For more information, click here.

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