So I had Dinner with Fish... I had Dinner at Ossiano last week-end, at Atlantis on the Palm. I hadn't heard any review about it before so it was kind of a blind date. First thing is the staff stressed us up with the timing, explaining we should absolutely be there at 10.30pm. Considering the fact that the restaurant was half empty when we got there, we didn't understand why they were in a rush. The scenery is very 70's, with some kind of 80's-90's Music (I was not prepared for Celine Dion's "Because you loved me"), very Dubai style obviously, but the Aquarium is absolutely beautiful. It's like having dinner underwater, scary and impressive at the same time. We got a little bit scared when we saw the small starters (teeny tiny langoustines) arrive but the main courses were the right size: we were not hungry afterwards and it was really good. Favourite dish: the Cod, delicate and tasty.
The service was attentive but could be more smiley, and was easy to tease: "Oh so you have Nougat, Coco pastry, Financier, Shortbread but no Chocolate in you "Chocolate Selection"!". Again, very Dubai style, they don't always pay attention to details but the Food was very good and I was in great Company so I had a lovely evening anyway.

Hours of Operation

Dinner: 7:00pm - 11:30pm

Bar: 7:00pm - 12:00am

Age policy: 10 yrs and above

Location: East Royal Towers
Complimentary valet parking:
The Grand Lobby
Dress code: Elegant

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