I spy with my little eye... a few Facts about Munich.

Now apart from a not so great Hotel, I did have an amazing time in Munich.
Here is what I will remember of it:
1- careful where you walk, cyclists are everywhere and they are not slowing down for you
2- Christmas has already landed in Germany
3- don't be afraid to eat and eat well: you will need the energy to fight the cold
4- you can have Bretzels pretty much all day long, yes you can!
5- German people do sleep with tiny individual duvets, no sharing it seems
6- between the taxis, the metro, the tram and the bicycles, you have no excuse not to go out
7- I have discovered I had a new passion: Ugg Boots
8- Germans are very thoughtful with children, if you go for a coffee with your little one, you can ask for a Baby Cappuccino, it's free and it's a small cup of hot white milk... adorable.

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