I spy with my little eye... Vintage Shopping in Munich.

Europe means Vintage to me! I am so happy to wander the streets of any European city, enjoying the fresh air and thriftshopping. So this is exactly what I did as soon as I was in Munich. A whole afternoon of happy walking, and going through the few addresses I had gathered on the internet and Friends had given me. 

I did miss a major shop: Vintage Love (website here), too much walking, got lost, so that's one place I will have to check the next time I am there.

But I found a brilliant 3 floors vintage shop: Kleidermarkt. Lots of dirdles, absolutely stunning! Fur coats, hundreds of dresses and skirts from the 50's until the 80's, all filtered by colour. I wouldn't recommend the accessories but the dresses were brilliant. And it is such a pleasure to find a tidy vintage shop! I went through it so much faster than I usually do. An other good point for Kleidermakt: the prices are right. I found a skirt for 20e, I was already pleased with my find (pictures to follow), but the cashier made me even happier by making it 15e! Well I was happy after I understood she meant 15e and not 50e. Thriftshopping in German is definitively not my forte! 

Tal 30
Munich 80 331
Website here


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