I spy with my little eye... a new Meeting of the DLBC.

I am looking forward to hosting my Ladies tonight for a new meeting of the DLBC (Dubai Ladies Book Club). My turn to host, my turn to chose the Book! And I went for "Girls of Ryiadh", by Rajaa Alsanea. Given the fact that I lived for 3 years in Ryiadh and that we are currently living in the Middle East, a local kind of chick flick made sense. It's probably the first one of this kind, written in arabic in 2005 and very controversial at the time, it was actually banned after it's release in Saudi Arabia. I will be honest and recognize that the style is not the greatest but the content is interesting. Family, honour, studies, forced mariages, love, children, men and women relationships explained through the journey of 4 young women trying to find their balance between modernity and tradition. Let's see what the Ladies thought of it...

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