I spy with my little eye... butternut squash remedy.

I have been feeling sick lately. I guess the change of seasons is messing around with my immune system. Or maybe it is my subconscious welcoming winter by forcing me to cuddle under a big duvet, I guess old habits die hard. Whatever it is, I am craving hearty soups and comfort food, and when stuck at home, cooking actually seems like the right thing to do. Thanks to Halloween, I found a butternut squash I turned into a soup and made sundried tomatoes/pesto madeleines to go with it. Simple and healthy. Now I don't always plan ahead of my cooking (especially when I'm knackered and nauseous), which inevitably leads me to that wavering moment after I realise I'm missing half of the ingredients. And that is usually followed by deep excavations through my fridge and kitchen drawers to find substitutes... This is how I ended up using Marmite instead of stock. Necessity really is, the mother of invention.

Butternut squash and sundried tomatoes/pesto madeleines.

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