I spy with my little eye... the half moon manicure tutorial.

I've often been asked here in Dubai who did my half moon manicure, and like a lot of things on HOB, it is simply home made, so I decided to share it with you. As much as I like to pamper, I like things to be fast, I can't spend 3h getting pretty: when I do my nails, I'll usually set up the computer aside so I can type while it dries. Same applies to my clothes, they need to be multi-functional, I hate when the ladies don't want to get dirty, clothes are for living, they're not supposed just be looked at (which implies that I have a tendency to destroy my shoes, yes, but even my Charlotte Olympia kitties are just shoes). With this beauty philosophy, I need my routine to be quick and efficient. You will find online tutorials that use tape or plasters that are supposed to be cut out, I just use eyelets: they are already the perfect shape. 
So here we go!

You are going to need:
- transparent nailpolish (or light pink, I usually go for transparent because it dries faster and you can't really tell the difference)
- colour nailpolish (traditionally it would be red but you can have fun and vary)
- eyelets
- a pair of scissors

Step 1: always, always protect your nails with a coat of transparent .

Step 2: cut you eyelets is 2; you will only need half of one on each finger so might as well make the most of them.

Step 3: make sure the transparent nailpolish is really dry before you stick the eyelets on your nails (otherwise it might come off when you unstick them, ruining all your efforts). I like my half-moons to be discreet so I tend to stick the eyelets rather low, but you can go for a statement manicure and stick them higher.

Step 4: use your second colour to paint your nails. Make sure the eyelets are well stuck in the corners, otherwise the nailpolish might run.

Step 5: wait and make sure the nailpolish is really dry before you gently unstick the eyelets (I usually used tweezers to do that). Et voilà!

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