I spy with my little eye... watching a movie à la Katharine Hepburn.

A few years ago when we kind of closed down Christian Lacroix, a co-worker was emptying the cupboards when he found this abandoned beige suit. He brought it to me: "Florence, you're probably the only one who can wear this so you should have it". Like a lot of Couture items, the size fitted but the sleeves and trousers were way to long for me... for some unknown reason, Couture Houses make clothes for models only, that's one of the biggest fashion mysteries. So I kept the suit in a drawer for 3 years, it never occurred to me I could just have it altered. Probably because I wouldn't wear this kind of things in Paris, but it's perfect for Dubai where we like to dress up. Eventually I took it out of the drawer and brought it to a tailor. The first time I tried it on I remember thinking it was very Katharine Hepburn: high waist, wide trousers, waistcoat, tailored, quite manly. So today I decided to play with it. It worked quite well with my projector, the only thing I did was switching the pictures to black and white: since the idea was to watch a movie, it made more sense.

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