Last sunday I had dinner at Jim Haynes.
I don't know if you know him, but I, personally, had (unfortunately) never heard his name before.
So let me tell you how it all began: I was at Harry's goodbye Party, when she introduced me to Jim. "I want you to meet Jim, he is a great friend of mine, you are going to love him, he has this amazing Philosophy of Life: he thinks he is on Earth to help people meet one another.". Quite an interesting yet scheming Introduction... So here I am, chatting with this 70 something English Fellow who writes, directed Theaters, travels, cooks, hosts... and explains to me that one can "never go back to a place, you always go forward". 
Harry was right: I loved him instantly.
Before he left, he told me he had been hosting Dinners at his Place in Paris every Sunday evening for 30 years now, "You should come!".
I am a very curious young Lady,  so I went.
His Place is in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, and every Sunday, Rain or Shine, 70 strangers gather to meet, eat, drink, speak English, flirt, talk, laugh, fall in love... It is a Haven of Multiculturalism in Paris. 
Jim is always there, with his Apron, he welcomes everybody, one by one and introduces you to the whole crowd. You can never feel alone. There is always a smile, a word, a question... I met a Photographer, a Publicist, a classical Music Manager, I talked about Paris, London, traveling, accents, communication, photography, managing, literature... 
Everybody can offer to cook. You just have to notify it to Jim and he will be happy to let you in Saturday so you can prepare your cookies/muffins/brownies... whatever desert you choose, and Sunday, in the early afternoon to cook your Chilli/ Moussaka/Curry/Choucroute...

I had one of the best evenings I have ever had in Paris!

So now it is my turn to introduce Jim to you:

His Hospitality is known all over the World:

If you want to attend one of his Dinners or just learn more about this amazing Character, here is his website:

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