You all know how much I love traveling, so you easily understand why I fell for this book:
Traveling in style. This is one of the things Jacky Kennedy did best, we all knew that. What I did not know is that her travels inspired a Watercolor Book.
Jascqueline Duheme was a french illustrator who got acquaited with Jacky Kennedy during John's presidency. She got invited at the White House and in Cape Cod, and later, was requested to accompagny the First Lady on her diplomatic visits in India, Pakistan, Italy... and took a real pleasure in illustratic these legendary moments. "Mrs Kennedy goes abroad" was publishe in 1998 and is a collection of these illustrations, the Portrait of an Icon.

Pictures scanned by a lovely being.
More details on the book here.


  1. The illustrations are adorable! <3

    I'm such a fan of Jackie Kennedy's style!

  2. @Sadia: to think that these illustrations were made by someone who actually accompanied her!


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