Regarding the Chateau de la Cote in Bourdeuille, well well well... We didn't even bother staying for the night. I think it says it all. Lovely staff, I have to give it to them, but we were supposed to stay in the guesthouse. I have absolutly nothing about guest houses, I love the fact that they give you more independence, but in this case it was a little buit too much independence: it was located at the entrance of the castle park, quite far from the main building, cheap room, mismatching details, lack of care.. just not for me. We stayed 10 minutes at the pool and decided to leave. No muss, no fuss.
I just took my sadest face, went to the reception and said my grandfather was feeling very sick so we had to leave instantly. Grandpa if you read me, I am glad you are alright, and enjoying your home. Thank you for being such a good alibi!
So instead of spending a night in a place we didn't really like, we just drove 4 hours and went straight to my family place in Albi, where my brother and his friends were happy to welcome us, and we had a great evening!
Life is a matter of priorities.

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