My Computer has a new Dust Cover! A Perception Park Bag. I love it, thank you C.!
She is one of my most peculiar friends and I love her for that. Every gathering is a surprise. We went to the Nose Ball together, she paid a room in a hotel, we worked and had a drink but either of us spent the night there, we went shopping for some fabrics... If I want an unexpected afternoon, I know she's the one I should call.
So for those who are not familiar, let her explain what Perception Park is:
Perception park is a créative studio,
a place celebrating art, design, art video,
a platform dedicated to all artistic expressions
we create and produce objects, events,
we annonce emerging artists,
our purpose being to confront the points of view, initiatives and languages ;
to bring a singular, necessarily subjective look at
the new wave, the next contemporary scene.

Follow the link to discover more about Perception Park.

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