How my parisian Hairdresser saved my Hair...
If you live abroad, and by abroad, I mean out of Europe, I am sure you noticed that the quality of the Water was different from one Country to an other. I don't know exactly why, but here in Dubai, the Water tends to dry up your Skin and Hair. I am the kind of Lady who can easily forget to put on Body Lotion, because my Skin rarely feels like it needs it in Europe, but both my Skin and Hair felt very dry right from the first week I spent here. It took me a while to understand why my Body felt so thirsty, and some day I remembered something my parisian Hairdresser told me: "Careful when you go to Dubai, the Water is different so try to rince your Hair with a Glass of drinkable Water at the end of your Shower, it will take away the chemicals that would dry up your Hair otherwise". I have been doing that for a few Weeks and... Welcome back healthy Hair! Thank you so much Loubna!

Drawing by the lovely Garance Dore.

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