I made "Langues de Chat", literally "Cat's Tongues", this is how these little biscuits are called in french because of their shape. They are traditional Petits Four we usually have with Tea, Fruit Compote or Chocolate Mousse. I find  that it is tricky to get something to your Host when invited to a Dinner here in Dubai: you don't always have a Bottle of Wine, Flowers are ridiculously expensive, so the last option you have is Chocolate. But what happens when you've been at Marcel and Imogene twice, and already got them Ferrero Rochers and After Midnights? What's left?
So I decided to make Pastries, and these are perfect : home-made and very french.

Email me for the Recipe.


  1. They're lucky cause your cat's tongs look yummy!! I definitely have to set up a dinner in Dubai to get some... or you have to come and visit me in Paris ;)

  2. @Lola: I can't wait for youto come visit! I promise I will bake "Langues de Chat" if that's what it takes!


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