Remember I was telling how cooking in a new country needs a lot of adjustments? Well thanks to a french Gentleman working in the Food Processing Industry, I finally understood why I was struggling so much with my Pastries! It is all about the Flour. I used local Flour which, in fact, is imported from China, and it seems that the Gluten over there is, in some way, different from the one we have in Europe. That explained why all my Cakes ended up looking like Flans, no matter how much Baking Powder I put in them. 
So I switched to english Flour (hello Spinneys!), everything went back to normal. It was that simple!

Now that I can bake again, let me show you my last Try: Pistachio Pops! Healthy, tasty and Cheerful little Drops!

The Recipe is from Harry's amazing Book: "Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache":

Email me for the Recipe.

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