Yesterday I went to Hattah, in Oman! Have you ever heard of its Natural Pools?
It is an amazing place. Completely off road (subtitles: you better have a good 4*4 and a confident driver with you, thank you so much J.!), but if you like rollercoasters, this is for you.

A few tips to get there (nb: even with tips, I can't garantee that you will actually get there): 
- when you are in Hattah, stop at the Hattah Fort Hotel to buy a location map of the natural pools
- do not expect a single sign that could eventually indicate them: that won't happen
- do not rely on anyone to help you find your way: you won't come across anyone
- be kind to your co-pilot: the map looks more like a Treasure Map than a Lonely Planet Map
- do not eat before you get off road: rollercoaster all the way, and believe me, Mother Nature is more hardcore than Disneyland

Getting there in itself is an adventure! And once you are there, it is amazing to swim between these huge rocks. The Pools are rather small so you can't really get lost, it gives them a Family Vibe, I really liked it! But here again, a few tips:
- if you are a Lady: no bikini, we are in Oman, not in Dubai
- no flip-flops: there is a little bit of climbing
- if you are lucky, you might enjoy a local diving contest: yes these young Omani Men are having fun, yes, they want to get your attention, and yes, the empty pack of red bull on the bank might explain their enthusiasm
- finally, the things that are tickling your feet are fishes: some people pay 100dhs to have tiny tiny fishes clean their feets, well here you get it for free!

As you can see, one has to earn these Natural Pools, but they are worth it!

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