I spy with my little eye... a change of wardrobe.

Christmas sometimes come with weird presents. We've all had that "what was Uncle Barry thinking?" internal cry when discovering the amazing(ly ridiculous) multicoloured pompom bonnet he "thought would be perfect to keep you warm" (in Dubai, right). Well that bonnet might not match your little black dress, but it might be useful to a 5 years old traveling to the UK soon. So in order to make some space in your closet, and keep the circle of second-hand going, why not register on My Ex Wardrobe's website to sell online? Bye bye bonnet, bonjour money. To get an account, you will have to pay a fee. Before you start sighing, let me explain: there are several packages. You can totally test the water by paying only 150aed, see if it works for you, and then decide if you want to go bigger (just keep a few underwear, they can come handy). You know I   support any second-hand initiative, especially in Dubai, land of the new, bright and shiny: our wardrobes are full of unworn and unnecessary items (yes, I'm talking about that pink mini skirt that hasn't seen daylight in 3 years) that would make someone else happy. 
For more information on the packages, click here.

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