I spy with my little eye... Holidays with Gap from A to Z.

Yesterday I posted the first pictures of our collaboration with Gap. Now that I am thinking about it, it's probably a good thing that we took those pictures before Christmas: I ate so much I'm not sure I would have been able to get into my outfit today! Hello turkey, mince pies, chocolate coins,  candied chestnuts, sausage rolls, after eights... It is definitively time for boxing day! I hope you all had a cosy and cheerful Christmas. Sending good vibes to my fellow bloggers who made this early photoshoot such a fun morning. Please note that I had slept only 2.30 hours this morning and was literally high on caffeine, which resulted in a lot of giggles and dancing without music (dancing and singing are side-effects of my tiredness). I hope you will enjoy our little alphabet pitchouns.

Cristina, Tinayums
I for Indigo
Denims might be overstated but I'm all about comfort and being practical. 
I want clothes that I can wear through out the year.

Y for You + Me
It's my go-to pants for comfortable clothes especially this 1969 denims.

Florence, Hint Of Beautiful
P for Plaid
For me it means winter and comfort.

S for Stripes
It helps me look wider with my petite features.

Ana Simonovic, Shoera
M for Metallic
This dress has a perfect shape and waisted cut with a bit of puff that can be worn in many ways and a metallic bag with a lovely shoes just complete the outfit.

Saira, Fashky
L for Layering
It's really how you style your outfit, sometimes, it's the accessories that makes it stand out.

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