I spy with my little eye... my first French 75.

Going out with L. is always an adventure: she knows a lot about cocktails and as much as my french upbringing gave me a decent oenology background (next time I have to fight with La Petite Maison's sommelier over Shiraz it is not going to go down well, trust me), I admit I can be clueless when it comes to cocktails. Therefore I'm always in when L. decides to take me to a bar, and this time, she had decided it was time for my first French 75. The cocktail is a mix of champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar. I liked it because it wasn't too sweet, and I absolutely love the story behind: it was named after the French 75mm gun because the kick was said to be as strong as being shot by one of these babies. We open the hostilities at La Petite Maison with a couple of French 75s and switched to Tomato Martinis. It was a successful adventure, thank you L.!
More about La Petite Maison and their extensive cocktail list here.

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