I spy with my little eye... a 1930's jazzy Christmas.

The festive season is when I watch the more movies: when in France the cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay in, when in Dubai, the fact that the city empties is the perfect opportunity to  replace parties by movie nights. This year, I didn't pick movies but a mini serie, courtesy of the BBC: Dancing on the Edge. Released in August, these 6 episodes set in London in the 1930's tell the story of a black band in the first years of the jazz era. The prejudices against black people, the struggle of trying to establish a new kind of music, the social hierarchy, the consequences of the first world war, the rise of german national socialism, and of course, some extra drama, it's all in there. The setting is fantastic, the styling is impeccable, the characters are sharp, the casting is qualitative (John Goodman, Jacqueline Bisset, Matthew Good...). I liked it a lot, with a glass of wine, it was perfect.
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