I spy with my little eye... Bliss bliss!

I'm sure you will remember my hilarious experience at the Bliss Spa at the W Doha, if not, click here to read about it. Well following that energetic morning, Glambox sent me a bunch of products to review. I didn't try everything, I focused on what I usually use (clearly not dedicated enough to put my skin through treatments it doesn't need): body butter, day cream and mask. 

So here we go, let's start with the one I had the most fun with: the triple oxygen instant energising mask. As you can see on the picture above, the texture turns into foam. When it comes out of the bottle, the product looks like a normal mask with a creamy consistency so you can apply easily but 30s after you applied, it changes into foam. It is quite fun to watch your whole face disappear under bubbles, but because of the volume of the foam, the mask quickly starts dripping which is quite uncomfortable (I didn' find running back to the bathroom to make sure it's not getting all over clothes wasn't the most relaxing thing). I can't say I saw a visible difference after leaving it on for 5min as indicated. I can't really say that my skin was smoother or more luminous. So a fun product but didn't really work for me.

Same kind of applies to the triple oxygen energising skin, I suspect my skin doesn't really react to oxygen or it is already at it's oxygen maximum? Whatever it may be, this day cream didn't make any difference. It is very light and easy to apply but no visible result on my part.

Last but not least, the body butter is my favourite product, although it contains paraben, which I don't approve of. It did hydrate my dry legs with efficiency, but I would keep it as an emergency product for when you can't find your paraben/petrochemical/sulfate free daily body cream.

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