I spy with my little eye... one flew over a cuckoo's Bliss spa.

While at the W Doha the girls and I got to try the Bliss spa. I can't say that I am a spa bunny but I'm always happy to try something new so when they asked me what I wanted to book, instead of going for the popular Oxygen Facial, I chose the Ginger Scrub. I had never been wrapped before so I figured it why not?
Boy I was in for a treat! First of all the room scared me a little, the horizontal shower looked a bit medical... See for yourself: 

Relaxing isn't really the term.

But the therapist was very sweet so we had a good laugh together, then she started by rubbing me with a dry brush. At 9am, let me confirm the energising benefits: it clearly woke up the few cells of my body that were still sleepy. On a more therapeutic level, it stimulated my blood circulation and massaged the deeper layers of my skin? Then she switched to a ginger and sea salt scrub that focused on the superficial layers of my skin and moisturised at the same time. At that stage, I felt like I was at the sea, with sand everywhere and I started struggling not to slide from the table (moisturising oil + plastic covered table = hazard), fun times! The finale was the horizontal shower, aka "let's drown the room!". I was laughing so hard I was worried I would disturb the poor Imaan who was trying to relax and enjoy her facial in the next room (not to worry, she apparently didn't hear a thing).

In conclusion, since I like a good scrub, I enjoyed it. I had fun and my skin felt amazing, so I would recommend it, just avoid the 9am appointment and don't pick this treatment if you want to relax.
More information here.

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