I spy with my little eye... Human+Kind goodness.

When it comes to cosmetics and skincare, I tend to keep it as simple as possible because:
1- I don't have the patience to apply 5 lotions everyday.
2- I don't like my bathroom to be clattered, I need to breathe.
3- my skin doesn't need elaborate potions.
4- I believe that the more natural the better.
5- I don't believe half of the marketing bla-bla. Just go for whatever works for you.
So when I received 2012/2013 winner of Irish Tatler beauty awards Human + Kind petrochemicals free, paraben free, SLS free products I was looking forward to trying them. 

I've been using them for 3 weeks now so here's my feedback.
I liked the idea of a shampoo and a bodywash combined (keep it simple) but it doesn't really work for my curly and dry hair. It is too strong and tends to entangle my hair instead of nourishing it, so I can use it as bodywash but it doesn't work as a shampoo for me. 
The conditioner on the other hands works wonders. As soon as I apply it, my hair gets smoother, so I'm happy to keep using it, but I need to alternate with masks and oils.
If you have normal or oily hair, these product might be perfect.
More information here.

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