I spy with my little eye... Valentines day behind the scenes.

While the world was celebrating the cheesiest day of the year, Maryska, Jen and Kate from Dubai Desert Twins and I met for a beauty photoshoot. Mariyah had been thinking about this project for nearly a year, she wanted a black and white classic shoot. I had already collaborated with her (remember this post?) and I love her simple classy style but also the way she shoots. She knows exactly what she wants so she is able to help you. Tinayums told me I was a natural in front of the camera, I actually feel pretty awkward and find it sometimes difficult to stop laughing (which explains why I can't recognise myself on serious photos). I find it easier to work with a photographer who directs me, and Mariyah is really great for that. 

I also got to meet the sweet Jen and Kate, the lovely and stylish Dubai Twins. I admire their sharp sense of style and patience while waiting for their make-up and hair to be done. I cannot wait to see their pictures, twins are so special!

So what happens when bloggers, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists get together? Music, food, singing, dancing, inspiration, ideas, unexpected shots, a lot of fun!

And eventually, even the photographer gets photographed, hello mise-en-abyme!

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