I spy with my little eye... I eat, you eat, he/she eat.

The W Doha spoilt us in many ways and food was definitively one of them. Between the restaurants, the brunch, the room service, there was so much to taste it was difficult to stop. 

Bonjour, I am never leaving again!

Out of the 3 restaurants I got to try, my favourite was La Spiga: I loved the classic interior, elegant ambiance and they won me over with their truffle and cheese raviolis (double order, check!). 
The Spice Market was a good option for dining, I would recommend it for a night out, it's vibrant, lively, loud, happening, and the concept of sharing Asian food is perfect when you are out with friends. The dishes were full of colours and surprised, a very elaborate menu. Although it's so easy to pick from every plate I got out of the table with a bellyache, in french we have a saying: "carefull not to have eye bigger than your stomach", that's exactly what happened.

Chef Peter Lloyd's Spice Market by Jean-Georges. Voilà!

We had brunch at Market, it's a cosy space, quite bright compared to La Spiga and the Spice Market so a good place to start the day. I loved the live jazz band: I like my coffee with a side of saxophone. And I had a lot of fun adding up the colours in my plate: green ceviche, purple potatoes, pink macaroons, such a joyous place to wake up!

What do you mean? Of course raspberry macaroon counts as a fruit!

I would have loved to show you a bit more of the pop W Café but the place was always packed! I will have to come back for that!

W Café cuteness!

A big thank you to the W Team for their warm welcoming and fun company. Loved your energy!


  1. Ha do you spend your life in that hotel now? Looks like fun! X

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