I spy with my little eye... bubbles at Royal China.

Sorry for the belated post, I haven't had time to post these pics yet. A few days ago I was invited to Royal China who just opened a karaoke room. Fun! Except for the fact that you seriously don't want to hear me sing. Thankfully for everybody's ears, food and drinks were the main and only thing on the program that evening. I love Dim Sum and Royal China is usually my to-go place when I have a craving so it was nice to try something else for a change. I hadn't had pecking duck for ages, that was a nice surprise, along with the new people I met: the lovely Liouaa from Jam the Glam and the sweet Rayan from The Bohemian Chronicles, such good vibes!
More info about Royal China here.

Dim sum + champagne = happy HOB.

Pecking duck, had forgotten how much I like it!

I have a thing for wallpapers, and this one is right down my alley.

My Peter Pan collar hanging out with the super fun and lively M.

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