I spy with my little eye... the half moon manicure.

When I have time (or rather when I decide to take it), I go for a classic half moon manicure, very 1950's. I had quite a laugh when my lovely hairdresser Salome (Carita, Zabeel Saray on the Palm, best hairdresser in Dubai, just saying) looked at me right after I did a half-moon manicure "Honey, you need to do your nails", I had to explain that it was meant to look like that, gotta love our intercultural world!

I like to keep it discreet with a small half moon but you can make a statement and adapt it's size as you please. I already wrote a tutorial here, so I won't go through the whole process again, all you need basically is: time, nailpolish, eyelets, and a good tv show to watch while it dries (may I suggest Call the Midwife or Masters of Sex?)! In vintage I trust!

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