I spy with my little eye... hair rollers!!

In January, Tina and I met with a bunch of bloggers, models and make-up artists to work on a beauty photoshoot, remember this post? Well I particularly liked the pin-up session she had prepared for me and I juuust got the final pictures, so I'm happy to share them with you! I have to admit, as much as I like pin curls, I don't know how 1940-1950's women had the patience to wait for hours with rollers in their hair, or worse, to sleep with them! I admire their dedication. We didn't have such equipment so the lovely (and crafty!) make-up artist Amanda faked them with tissue, yes ladies and gentlemen, on these pictures I have tissue in my hair. And even with fake rollers, I couldn't wait to loosen my hair!

I want to thank the lovely Amanda for not giving up on my baby hair, she put up a very impressive fight!

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