I spy with my little eye... a busy Evening!

Tonight is Art Night at DIFC! You will find me around the XVA as always, my favourite Gallery, and I cannot wait for they new "Rebirth" Show by Iraqi Artist Sami Al Karim (cf this post).will also make sure to pass by the Aliel boutique for some Eye Candy, they have amazing stones they source all over the world, unique and delicate pieces, not for me right now, but the inspiration is priceless! CHeers to DIFC for hosting us!
And after all that Art and Culture, I am looking forward to catching up with a high school Friend I haven't seen for 10 years. That's one of my favourite things about Dubai: it is such a hub you bump into loads of old Friends. All the routes lead to Dubai!

A preview of the "Rebirth" Show at the XVA co-hosted with Movida... Good Music and Cocktails are expected! Love the colours and texture of this painting.

And a preview of Aliel's new collection.

For more information, have a look at the XVA and Aliel websites.

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